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Say Goodbye to Rising Healthcare Costs...

And HELLO to affordable, high-quality care that prioritizes your well-being and empowers you to take control of your health-care journey. 

Impact Health Sharing is changing the way we think about healthcare through the modern approach of healthcare sharing. Impact Health Sharing was founded with the goal to have health care become obtainable for those in need. Impact Health Sharing was made with the direct selling IBOs, dream chasers and solopreneurs in mind. Enter Impact Health Sharing! 

Have You Been Priced Out of Healthcare?

Our healthcare-sharing community is here to shake things up and make health care affordable, flexible, and simple.
  • AFFORDABILITY. We offer affordable healthcare options that don't compromise on quality and promote your physical well-being.
  • PEACE OF MIND. We provide peace of mind to our members, ensuring that they are not burdened by health-care costs and that they have the resources they need to navigate the healthcare system effectively.
  • FLEXIBILITY. With our crowd-funded healthcare alternative, you have the flexibility and transparency to choose the providers that work best for you, making it simple and easy to access the care you need.
  • UNITY. At Impact Health Sharing, we believe in uniting our members based on a love-thy-neighbor approach. That means you're not just a number - you're part of a community!

What Can I Expect With Impact?

With Impact Health Sharing, you can expect much of the same as you would from insurance, but so much more!
  • Comprehensive healthcare 
  • Cost-effective options
  • Choice of any licensed provider
  • Convenience
  • Credibility
  • Inclusivity
  • Discounted prescription medications
  • Member-centric not-for-profit healthcare-sharing community
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