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Powering What Matters the Most with XOOM Energy

For over 10 years through our partnership with ACN, XOOM Energy has been helping connect you, your friends, and your family with electricity, natural gas and renewable energy solutions for residential, small business and large commercial customers in energy choice markets across the U.S and Canada.

XOOM Energy offers a variety of energy plans options including:

  • Fixed-price plans for price certainty and peace of mind

  • Month-to-month variable price plans that offer flexibility and no long-term contract

  • Renewable energy plans for a cleaner and brighter tomorrow

  • Charitable plans such as RescueLock that contributes 5% of your monthly energy spend to PetSmart Charities®

Customers who live in a market with energy choice options have the freedom to choose who supplies the energy for their homes or businesses. When they choose XOOM Energy there are no enrollment fees, no service interruptions during the switch, and their choice of pricing and plans.

Switching to XOOM Energy is simple and seamless and takes less than 5 minutes. When choosing XOOM Energy our customers can be confident they have chosen a dependable energy provider that strives each day to help our customers power what matters the most!

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